Asus is a multinational computer hardware developer and manufacturer from Taiwan. I choose this organization since I am a fan of Asus product and have been its loyal customer of its motherboards and laptops for more than 5 years due to the durability of its computer hardware and the technical supports of its utilities. In this blog, my goal is to use social media monitor tools such as SocialMention, Addictomatic and TweetReach on the purpose of finding out social activities related to or taged as Asus so that we  are able to find out the health condition of this brand through the social media.

This is a practical tool with sufficient statistics and evidences to demonstrate how active Asus is involved in the social media. Keywords can be searched in case-sensitive, unexpected keywords can be eliminated, source type can be selected, statistics can be analyzed in different durations (by day, week, month and even year), and results can be listed by date or source.

Since keyword searching is case-sensitive, the results by searching “ASUS” and “asus” are mostly different, however, both are of referencing value. The following screenshots indicates the key elements included in the monitoring tool.

– “Strength” refers to the popularity of the brand through most social media

– “Sentiment” refers to the ratio between positive mentions and negative mentions of the brand

– “Passion” refers to the percentage of unique users who have high possibilities on mentioning the brand repeatedly

– “Reach” refers to the percentage of unique users who are mentioning the brand compared to all the mentions

The two results don’t show much differences except the “sentiment”, but all in all, the high ratio between positive mentions and negative mentions demonstrates a health condition of Asus brand.

statistics 1 - asusstatistics 4 - asus

The following screenshots show the top contributors who mention most about Asus, and most popular hashtags related to Asus and also the relevant posts appeared different sources. The results turn out that Asus is popularly mentioned in Twitter, whilst it is not significantly active in Facebook.

statistics 2 - asus statistics 3 - asus

Unlike SocialMention monitoring tool, Addictomatic shows only a list of posts existed in different social media without summary of statistics. And it is interesting that this tool searches no result of “asus” in Twitter (the keyword searching is not case-sensitive). It is probably because of the different searching and data-collection algorithms.


Since SocailMention and Additomatic tools come up with different results on Twitter posts, I use TweetReach monitoring tool to dig out more information specific to Asus in Twitter.

This tool provides much more summaries of statistics than SocialMention as TweetReach also displays bar chart, liner graph and pie chart to demonstrate data in an easy-to-read and comparable manner. The result turns out that Asus is really popular in Twitter, in another words, SocialMention is of more reference value than Additomatic.


Based on the statistics shown in SocialMention monitoring tool, I recommended Asus to put more efforts on social media implementation and involvement with Facebook due to the great amount of users in Facebook as well as the marketing value in this social platform.