Ford motor company, as a world-wide motor manufacturer, has a strong customer base which is enough for building social connection, creating company-and-customer interaction and even gatharing feedbacks of products from customers via digital social media. Both the customer base and the product development are growing at a significant rate after Ford embraces social media technologies. As is shown in the image below, the FordSocial website with blogging and forum functionalities is a typical example which brings economic benefits to Ford:



1. Marketing and sales value lever:

  • Marketing communiation/interaction


The screenshot of the FordSocial website above demonstrates the blogging function which allows Ford customers or fans to share their stories with their Ford vehicles. The content of the blogs includes customer satisfaction or complains to the products, and this can be customer insights as well as analyzable statistics which are useful for reviewing the brand-health, customer loyalty and market capacity. At the same time, allowing customers to blog about the product rather than self-marketing by the company is a cost-effective and objective way for building reputation.

2. Operations and distribution

  • Use social to distribute business process


The images above is the forum section which inpires Ford fans to post their ideas about how to improve the product. The posted topics are all from crowd-sourcing method and they covers knowledge areas on appearance design, mechanical promotion, security enhancement and problem solving. With participation of FordSocial users, Ford ont only can flexibly adjust product line or business strategy based on the recommendations from customers, but also are able to forecast the customer’s expectations to the future products.