In the enterprise 2.0 unit, I plan to improve my fame by buiding a popular and productive blog, and even by demonstrating my leadership during teamwork.

From my point of view, blogging in plain text only can easily fail to attract our readers. Sometimes written skill becomes critical when we try to express deep level opinions or explain technical stuffs especially without visual assistances other than plain text. It might be acceptable for people who love reading books, or someone who does academic research. However, a successful blog invloves perfect interaction with readers by adding multimedia elements such as images, videos and even flash games.

Therefore, one of my strategy to build up a popular and productive blog is to embed multimedia technologies for corresponding articles in the blog. Just like the lecturer utilizes lecture slides with interesting pictures, I can insert a few images in my blog to help expressing my ideas clearer and even provide better understanding for the readers. Inserting videos which are made in either a professional way or an entertaining way also has similar effects on creating attraction with readers. A better way to impress the reader and even engage them to interact with the blog is to add an easy-to-play but funny flash game. A typical example is the Google doodles which are google icons in different design appeared on the google homepage for specific themes during festivals or anniversaries. Sometimes they are flash games allowing visitors to engage with (


Another strategy to improve the popularity of the blog is finding powerful quotes to catch readers attention more efficiently. The quotes can be hot news, famous articles and arguable topics which may “manipulate” readers’ emotions so that they cannot wait to raise a comment. The following picture demonstrates a website with blogs containing a varity of hot topics and news (


The worth-reading blog that I would like to recommend is This blog looks tidy and professional in the homepage as the news and interesting articles are listed properly in titiles with abstracts and images. The most impressive section of the blog is the IT product introduction page which contains comprehensive articles with device specification, product rating and even high-quality photos.